My Pretty Cat



I have a cat in my house, the cat is female. It is a local cat. I like call him “Preti”. It is an adorable cat, my cat is cute.  It has black fur.

Preti’s body is not long enough. The length is only about 20 cm. Although she is short, but she is very cute and adorable. Moreover, she is very active when plays with me. She can spend a lot of time just to play. She also can spend many hours to sleep.

Everyday, I never forget to feed Rosa. She always close up me when she feels hungry. Preti’s favorite food is fish and bread. But sometimes I give a mix of rice and fish to Preti and she want to eat it. Sometimes, I also give she dry cat foods. When I feed her, she will wiggle her tail that shows she is very happy.

Preti doesn’t likes take a bath, she always clean her fur with play up to her fur. In cat’s saliva there are matter to clean many bacteries in cat’s body.

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